Business Excellence Categories

October 10, 2018, 5:00 PM

Award Categories

Excellence in Food Service

Candidates for this category can be independent business  owners, franchise owners or organizations that provide catering and meals and have demonstrated excellence in food services.  These businesses cater to their customers and aid in promoting other businesses within our area.

General Guidelines

· Excellent customer service

· Demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm for the business

· Has an excellent reputation with customers and the business community

Youth Excellence

The leaders of tomorrow are the youth of today.  The Leamington District Chamber of Commerce is proud to honour Youth Excellence in our community.

The recipient of this award is between the ages of 14—18 and is attending secondary school.  They are involved in extra-curricular activities in the community and may even be working a part-time job.  They balance school, volunteering, sports, work and family.

They are recognized by their teachers, fellow students and friends for their depth of character,  their integrity and  the standards they strive to reach.

Customer First

Retail and Service Sectors-Candidates for this category can be independent business owners or franchise owners who have demonstrated excellence in a retail business or service related operation in a number of areas.  These include creative marketing, sales, client service, human resources etc. and are viewed by peers as being a leader in business excellence.

General Guidelines

· Demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm for the business

· Consistently demonstrates congeniality and helpfulness to customers and clients

· Has an excellent reputation with customers and the business community

Warm Welcome

Tourism Sector—Much of this area’s economy is based on  tourism, and many local businesses roll out the red carpet for our visitors.  These businesses cater to the specific needs of tourists and aid in promoting other business within our area.

General Guidelines

· Consistently demonstrates congeniality and helpfulness to tourists

· Displays exceptional professional and ethical qualities

· Demonstrates enthusiasm for promoting Leamington and surrounding area

· Has gone above and beyond the realm of their own business to assist tourists.

Alf Bennie Award

Named after our first President of the Leamington District  Chamber of Commerce, the Alf Bennie Award recognizes an  individual in the community who has made a difference either through volunteering or community involvement.

The recipient of this award has made a difference in the community.  Sometimes these differences are planned actions and other times, they are spontaneous actions.  Either way,  the award winner has contributed through their deeds or actions and has affected the lives of the people they have come in contact with.

Small Business Excellence

The small business sector encompasses a variety of businesses that make up our community.  In recognition of a small business showing excellence in some or all of the following categories: new or innovative product or service, quality of merchandise/customer service, job creation, growth potential, market served and community involvement.

General Guidelines

· Maximum of 50 employees in any sector

· Reputation within the business community

· Commitment to community service

Grow South Essex

The South Essex area boasts many businesses ranging from greenhouse operations to vineyards to field farming to flowers to fishing.  Many of the products produced in this area are distributed throughout Canada, exported to the United States and beyond. These local businesses deserve to be recognized for their innovative approach to the local industry.

General Guidelines

· Research and development, new varieties, growing or processing techniques

· Food safety and security programs in place

· Marketing and/or merchandising programs

Positive Professional

Professional  Sector—Candidates for this category include lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. that operate their business by promoting their business with a passion and positive community mindset.

General Guidelines

· Displays exceptional professional and ethical qualities

· Demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm for the business

· Consistently demonstrates congeniality and helpfulness to customers.

· Has an excellent reputation with customers and the business community

· Active involvement in the community

Welcoming Accessibility

Creating welcoming and accessible communities is a shared responsibility. It takes the effort of many caring people from every walk of life to ensure everyone in our community has the right to live with dignity and to actively participate in the  community.  This Award recognizes a local business that has made a significant  contribution towards the development of a welcoming and  accessible community.

General Guidelines

· Demonstrate a commitment through their actions and attitudes encouraging  the inclusion of all people.

· Demonstrate leadership in creating and welcoming an accessible community through volunteer or employment   opportunities.

Young Entrepreneur

The Young Entrepreneur Award recognizes outstanding achievement by young entrepreneurs under 30 years of age. The award is given to the business person that best exemplifies the qualities of effective leadership, innovatively applied know-how, and excellent potential for growth.  The recipient of this award shows an elevated level of social, cultural, and environmental awareness and has demonstrated commitment to the wider community. They are engaged in continuous learning or other improvement opportunities designed to advance the economic, social, and environmental prospects of the enterprise.


Entrepreneur of Any Age—Without imagination and a willingness to take risks, many of the innovative products and valuable services in today’s marketplace would not exist.  The          entrepreneur takes a vision and turns it into a profitable reality.  This award recognizes someone from the community who exemplifies the qualities of the business visionary.

General Guidelines

· Demonstrates leadership, daring and creativity

· Steady revenue growth

· Demonstrates personal and financial commitment

· Unique marketing concept

Industrial/Manufacturing Excellence

Leamington and surrounding area boasts a number of leading industries.  Many of them enjoy global recognition and respect.  They provide employment, stability and an enhanced quality of life for many Leamington and area residents.

General Guidelines

· Commitment to product development and quality

· Expanding market base

· Environmental commitment

Invest in a World Class Workforce

This business, organization or association leads the way in preparing for future opportunities and anticipating change in the market place by investing in skills development and training, providing career growth opportunities and modeling life-long learning.

General Guidelines

· Extent and quality of skills development opportunities

· Achievements of the organization or individual, which may be attributed to training

· Participation in career development activities (co-op,  mentorships, apprenticeships, etc.)

· Exceptional commitment to equity and diversity in the workforce















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