Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

The Chambers Plan is the simple, stable, smart choice for business; combining accessibility, flexibility and the stability of pooled benefits. Firms choose the Chambers Plan year after year because it offers unsurpassed value and customer service.
The Chambers Plan – it’s for your benefit.


Why Choose the Chambers Plan?

Stable Rates

You are not alone. Chambers Plan connects over 30,000 Canadian businesses to help everyone’s premiums remain manageable and predictable. Chambers Plan’s average renewal over the last decade has been 3.9%.

Guaranteed Coverage and Renewal

There are no health questions or medical exams separating you from a benefits program. There is guaranteed coverage for businesses with as few as one or two people*, and all eligible companies are guaranteed renewable, regardless of claims experience.
*Minimum 3 people for guaranteed coverage in Quebec.

24-Hour Medical Support

All Chambers Plans Extended Health options include access to Teladoc® telemedicine services at no additional cost. Employees can consult with a certified physician on non-urgent medical issues within one hour, 24/7, anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

Business Assistance Service

You don’t need to be an expert in everything. Every Plan includes free access to professional accounting, legal, and human resource experts, who understand the challenges business owners face, along with an extensive library of HR materials.

Not-For-Profit Program

Because the Chambers Plan is not-for-profit, all surpluses stay in the program to help lower premiums and maintain stable rates, year after year.

All The Essentials (And More!)

Chambers Plan includes all employee benefits you expect – from health to disability and dental to critical illness. Your employees also gain access to Teladoc Medical Experts, and you get access to resources and telephone advice for HR, legal, and financial decisions.

Your Chambers Plan Rep

Derek Bilokraly, Bilokraly Financial