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Industry & Agriculture

A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.  We are one of the largest suppliers of plug trays and propagation trays in Canada with a large inventory in stock. We have expanded our nursery propagation product line and now offer one of the most extensive product ranges in Canada for tree and ornamental shrub producers. End root girdling for good with our new RootSmartTM propagation […]View Profile Go to website
Amco Express Inc. , Amco Farms Inc. , Amco Produce Inc. & Amco Storage.  Upon the expansion of the facility in 1985, AMCO was prompted to revolutionize its structure to meet the increasing demand of its client base. As a result, four individual companies merged together into the AMCO Group of Companies®, under the leadership of Fausto Amicone. To this day, AMCO Group completely and efficiently specializes in […]View Profile Go to website
Anna’s Flowers  Anna’s Flowers is home to an unbeatable selection of plants and flowers, gorgeous home and garden décor as well as freshly-picked, local produce. Also available are a number of carefully selected natural food and wellness products, essential to any healthy lifestyle. Family is at the center of our business and our customers are an […]View Profile Go to website
Biobest  As the first company ever to commercially supply bumblebees in 1987, we continue to lead the way in bumblebee pollination. We offer more bumblebee species to deal with pollination needs in various parts of the world than any other supplier. We offer a wide range of hive types for every pollination need, including our […]View Profile Go to website
Cavendish FarmsCavendish Farms is a proud, family-owned Canadian company with roots in Atlantic Canada, but our products, suppliers and reputation extend across our nation and around the world. Where we come from, you say what you do and you do what you say. That’s why we are: Committed to delivering wholesome, delicious and authentic potato products […]View Profile Go to website
CF Groups  CF Greenhouses is a wholesale supplier of seasonal potted plants. CF supplies major retail chains, superstores and independent outlets across Ontario and into the United States. CF products are either shipped on metal rolling racks or in closed cases pending on the program.View Profile Go to website
Elring Klinger Sealing Systems  ElringKlinger has focused its efforts on developing forward-looking green technologies. These are designed not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to scale back the level of harmful nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and soot particles. ElringKlinger is one of the few automotive suppliers worldwide with the capabilities of developing and producing high-tech components for all types […]View Profile Go to website
Erie James Limited  Erie James Limited is one of the most trusted suppliers of quality produce in Canada. Since 1940 we have earned our reputation through hard work and a commitment to customer service and innovation.View Profile Go to website
Flood’s Nursery Farm Ltd.  At Flood’s Nursery you will FEEL the difference. Always greeted with a smile, and maybe a wave from the distance, … you may just have to be patient for a bit as they finish up with other clients. But the wait is worth it, because here you will feel like your needs really matter, […]View Profile
GFL Environmental East Corporation  GFL Environmental Inc. is a leading North American provider of diversified environmental solutions. Recognized by our signature fleet of well-maintained, bright-green trucks, we offer a robust, consolidated and sophisticated approach to meeting our customers’ environmental service requirements.View Profile Go to website
Gryphon Automation  Gryphon Automation are greenhouse climate and irrigation specialists. We can custom design and build any size climate, irrigation and water treatment system to control and condition your growing environment. We pride ourselves in giving you the tools to control every part of the greenhouse.View Profile Go to website
Highbury Canco  Highbury Canco is an industry leader in both co-packing and third party logistics. Our 2.1 million square foot facility and our 24 production lines ensure we have the capacity to manage large integrated manufacturing projects for food and beverage products. We partner with our customers throughout the product development process by providing on-site engineering, […]View Profile Go to website
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