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DVS Air & Sea – Leamington Division

About DSV

We are your global transport and logistics partner

At DSV, we deliver your cargo safely, securely and on time anywhere in the world by air, sea, road and rail. We support all of your logistics and warehousing needs, enabling you to innovate, grow and manage your supply chain successfully.

Our global network of offices and transport hubs work for you

We deliver our global solutions straight to your door through our network of offices, partners, transport hubs and warehouses.

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We have years of experience

Experience matters. Years of hands-on field work with international transport and logistics has earned us invaluable knowledge and expertise.

If you need to transport your goods, we can do it – and, we have probably done it before. In our warehouses and distribution centres, we offer our logistics services including a variety of value-added services, designed to meet your specifications.

From small businesses to large organizations, we add value to your supply chain with intelligent and flexible solutions.

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waive new account fee ,10% off custom brokerage rate

Contact Info

Name: Michelle Woelk
Phone: 519-563-8146
Email: michelle.woelk@ca.dsv.com

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