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EncoreFX is a global leader in foreign exchange, international payments and risk management for corporations.  Since its inception in 2014, EncoreFX has quickly grown to the largest full service Canadian non-bank forex provider.  The company is headquartered in Victoria, BC with a team of experienced professionals operating across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of the United States.

EncoreFX is based on a 17-year foundation of pronounced success as its founder, Mr. Peter Gustavson, is well recognized for his previous venture, Custom House Ltd.  Custom House commenced in 1992 with a few locations in B.C. and grew exponentially, operating in 7 countries to become the largest non-bank Forex company in the world.  In 2009, Mr. Gustavson sold his business to Western Union for US$370 million.

EncoreFX differentiates itself by taking a consultative and strategic approach to FX risk management, which leads to the long-term success of our clients in their business.  EncoreFX functions as an outsourced treasury department by providing customized risk management solutions and technical sophistication typically reserved for large multi-national corporations. Our highly qualified experts are readily available and can save time and money so internal resources can be best allocated elsewhere.

Our FX services include spot foreign exchange, international payments, and risk management strategies including forward contracts and currency options. For more information, visit www.encorefx.com.

Contact Info

Name: Linda DeLuca - Windsor/Essex County
Phone: (519) 817-7557

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