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H & J Tire Tyme Inc.


H&J Tire Tyme Inc. has been proudly owned and operated by Henry Chatterton since the business was established in April 2003. Having over 20 years experience in the tire industry, Henry takes great pride in his business.

Tire Tyme now has a crew of 7. Our crew includes: President/Owner – Henry Chatterton, Secretary/Treasurer/Owner – Donna Chatterton,  Head of Sales/Manager/Owner – Amanda Chatterton, Receivables/Sales Megan and our 3 Tire Techs , Kyle, Dan and Cameron.

“Tire Tyme offers its customers the best of both worlds – friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service, and the availability of excellent tire products at competitive prices.

Contact Info

Name: Henry/ James/Donna Chatterton
Phone: Phone: 519-324-9992 or Cell: 519- 818-9980

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