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Loop Fisheries LTD

Loop fisheries being a third generation service provider, do not need any formal introduction, as it has been one of the pivotal pillars of providing superlative sea foods for the past four and a half decades. It was never an easy task to hold supremacy of the market in the embryonic stage, but the diligence and utmost professionalism of our top mandarins made us reach the pinnacle of success.

At the same time it has been a prowess to have a team of quality professionals, who are working in tandem in order to meet up the needs of several. The professionals working here are aware of catching quality fish and cater them in the corrective manner.

Awards and accolades – their professional services have allowed them to get plethora of awards and accolades from varied agencies. The year 2014 was indeed a valuable year for the entire organization. they have had the opportunity of winning the people’s choice award for catering smoked whitefish along with it they were placed in the first position of Wheatley Fish fest smoked fish contest for catering the fish Salmon.

Our Mission and Vision – Since their inception they have had the positive mission of catering quality foods throughout the year. To be honest they have never compromised with their quality and have maintained utmost professionalism. their top honchos do have positive vision of being the market leader. To be honest their hardship did bore fruits and they can say without any doubt that they are about to reach the zenith of triumph.Our availability – they are available from March 15th to December 24th and the store remains open from Monday to Saturday at 8.00 AM-5.00PM, and from 9.00AM-4.00PM on Sundays. It is to be noted that the retail store remains open from December 26th to March 14th, but only on Fridays and Saturday’s between 8.00AM-5.00PM.

Contact Info

Name: Tracy Loop
Phone: 519-825-7223
Email: tloopfish@bellnet.ca

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