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Pathway to Potential


Since its creation in 2009, the City of Windsor’s poverty reduction strategy, Pathway to Potential, has targeted four key areas to assist low-income individuals and families in Windsor and Essex County:

  1. Community programs for low-income individuals and families;
  2. Subsidized recreation programs in the city and county;
  3. Subsidized bus transportation through Transit Windsor’s Affordable Pass Program (APP); and
  4. Research and communication initiatives which raise awareness of the issues related to poverty and the need for everyone to share in the solutions.

In January 2017, Windsor City Council approved the creation of a comprehensive plan intended to “change the conversation” away from poverty reduction and towards making social investments in our residents, our neighbourhoods and our community. This plan builds on existing and new resources and supports initiatives led by the City of Windsor and community partners, with a goal to make a difference in the lives of all residents.

Contact Info

Name: Laura Tucker
Phone: (519) 255-6545 ext. 6956

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