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Piroli Construction

History of Piroli Group Developments

Piroli Group Developments is a team of highly skilled builders that has been a staple in the development community of Southwestern Ontario since 1992. Founded in Leamington as Piroli Construction, the company started with general contracting but has evolved over the years to become a multi-faceted development group.

With offices in both Leamington and Windsor, Piroli Group Developments specializes in:
• Residential Development
• Municipal Development Projects
• Site and Land Developments
• Lease Holdings
• General Contracting
• Design Builds
• Project Construction and Management

Piroli Group Developments has brought its innovation and expertise to many high-profile projects in Southwestern Ontario, including two subdivisions in Lakeshore (Oakwood and Rosewood), Seacliff Centre, Seacliff Square, LaSalle Municipal Project (town hall, library, police services building, police services, fire services and EMS), Walker Town Centre, Walker Crossings in Windsor, BMO Place in Mississauga, and many more.

Contact Info

Name: Mike Piroli
Phone: 519-967-8669

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