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The Branding Loft

An active imagination and lifestyle combined with an entrepreneurial drive led Amy to architect the Branding Loft.

Like a loft with its high ceilings and open windows she reaches high and looks ahead. Aspiring everyday to do better and be better than yesterday.

Lofts are generally known to be repurposed factories with interesting history – hundreds of workers punching in daily to take home a paycheque at the end. But the purpose of a factory is to produce the same item, time after time. Lofts; however, have their own identity and unique touch. And that’s what the Branding Loft is.

We know that all clients are unique and not meant for a factory line. We don’t make products we help you sell your products.

“Products are made in the factory, but brands
are created in the mind.”

— Walter Landor


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Contact Info

Name: Amy Saba
Phone: 519-890-0923

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