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Wharram’s Jewellery Ltd.


Wharram’s Jewellery Ltd. was started in 1955 by the late J. Russel Wharram. Since 1975, Wayne Wharram, B.Sc., G.J., G.G. (GIA) has extended the family tradition. Wayne takes extreme pride in his work and constantly maintains the high standard that was set by his father.

The jewellery store, is located in a stately building built by the Union Bank of Canada in 1906. The secure historic facility, with turn of the century architecture, symbolizes the quality of the jewellery and service within. Numerous awards have been presented to Wharram’s Jewellery recognizing this distinguished structure and their professionalism.

Always striving to broaden their knowledge, Wayne and his staff stay abreast with the ever changing fashion and technology. Evelin Wharram, Store Manager and Jewellery Fashion Analyst, diligently monitors current fashion trends. This attention to detail is reflected in the exquisite jewellery collection found at Wharram’s. The selection of distinctive, fashion forward jewellery is nothing less than extraordinary and includes wearable designs which easily make the transition from day to evening and from casual to formal.

Contact Info

Name: Wayne Wharram
Phone: 519-326-9271

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