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Workforce Windsor Essex (Incorporated as Workforce Development Board Windsor)


Workforce WindsorEssex (legally Workforce Development Board Windsor Essex) was created as an independent, community-based board in October 2008 as a result of significant foundation work by the City of Windsor, County of Essex, WindsorEssex Economic Development Commission and Province of Ontario.

Our mandate is to plan, facilitate and advocate for regional workforce development, defined as the development, retention, and recruitment of a wide range of skilled workers to meet the current and future economic and social development needs of Windsor-Essex.

Workforce WindsorEssex currently receives funding under four projects: Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership, Local Employment Planning Council, WEskills and Status of Women Canada.

Workforce WindsorEssex is a trusted source for labour market information and intelligence in our region and is a considered a key partner within our region in the areas of Economic Development, Employment Services, Education and Training, and Community Services.

Contact Info

Phone: 519-225-6545

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