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Xaco Taco

In 2015, they were sitting around a table talking about how much they loved Mexican food and Mexican culture. This wasn’t the first time the conversation took place, but something different happened that day. They started talking about our favourite Mexican dishes and how they could make their own Mexican dishes and improve on what they had experienced ourselves.

That day, the desire and details of their passion about Mexican food become unusually real and shortly after that meeting, they were onsite discussing how to build XACO TACO. their amazing chefs are passionate about food and they didn’t waste any time perfecting their favourite Mexican recipes. Within months, XACO TACO was a reality.

Since launching in 2016, XACO TACO has gained an incredible customer following and fan base. Within 1 year, they have received over 4,000 likes on Facebook and have maintained a 4.6/5 average review score. They are committed to making the best Mexican food possible and to making their customers happy. That’s basically our core values.


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Name: Kevin Renaud

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