“Small businesses working together to become a success!”

What is the Program?

  • Available to all member companies and their employees. The program is designed to promote business
    relationships that save money while promoting our business community.
  • Participating merchants will be widely promoted on the Chamber’s website, newsletter, and other
    member communication. Participation is voluntary.
  • Stimulates new business through increased exposure and word of the mouth referrals.

Ways to Take Advantage of the Program

  • YOU as a participating merchant design a discount for Chamber members and register with the Chamber
  • THE CHAMBER publishes your discount on the website, newsletter and other chamber communication
  • THE CHAMBER issues membership cards to all current Chamber members and their employees ~ all business
    owners and staff are eligible to participate in the discount program
  • THE CHAMBER promotes the program at every opportunity
  • CHAMBER MEMBERS use the published lists of participants to learn who is offering discounts
  • YOU ask to see the Chamber of Commerce discount card to confirm eligibility

What You Need to Do
Fill out the attached form titled Registration and tell us about your wonderful benefit/discount. Sit back, relax and let us do all the work!

Please send back your form to The Leamington District Chamber of Commerce at info@leamingtonchamber.com or for more information call 519-326-2721.

LDCC Member 2 Member Benefit Program 2023

Listed are members that have discounts for 2023. Please note some restrictions apply.